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Izopick company, approved manufacturers of castellated floor trays, offer complete underfloor heating solutions, guaranteeing Italian quality. The product range includes: perimeter tape, PE-Xa pipe, distributors, metal box, grooved boards and accessories.


Castellated Floor Trays Manufacturers

Castellated Floor Trays Manufacturers for Underfloor Heating Systems

castellated floor trays Underfloor heating

Complete underfloor heating solutions

Products imported from Italy

Izopick offers a comprehensive package of products for high quality underfloor heating


Underfloor heating generates a thermal comfort superior to a traditional heating system. A favorable argument is the high potential of energy conservation. While conventional heating systems cause air stratification, underfloor heating grants the perfect temperature uniformity.

  • First class products
  • Support for all products
  • Manufacturer prices
  • 100% successful projects

Pleasant and homogeneous heat


The water is heated at low temperatures


The heating is automatically adjusted


Individual temperature control


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